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I shine brightly in the darkness of Acheron
And reign in the inner Stygian depths
Christmas lists 
9th-Nov-2007 01:05 am
so many wives so little time
Its that time of year again my friends! Time for shopping and people asking me what I want. Well instead of just say ‘I don’t know’ like I do every year this year I will make a list. Or in fact two. so this year I want no complaining that you have no idea what to get me

You can see m y Amazon Wish List here:
(I know there is not a lot on their now, but I will be adding to it as time passes)

and my Sephora Wish List is here:

and if you still have no idea what to get me go eo E-Bay and search ‘Red Hot Body Wash’ or ‘Red Hot Love Story’ I am IN LOVE with this and it is a limited edition that is now discontinued and I would love as many as I can get my hands on!

And Barns and Noble gift cards always rock my socks. I would ask for book but more then likely I’ll buy and read them before x-mas.

Anyway there you all go!
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