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I shine brightly in the darkness of Acheron
And reign in the inner Stygian depths
Hello I’m Alexis and this is my second ADIML(My first day was… 
14th-Jul-2009 12:10 pm
Hello I’m Alexis and this is my second ADIML(My first day was Thursday May 14th, where I posted about makeing costumes for this party), a very crazy day for me. It started in Vegas, Home to Colorado and then into hell!

This is my Friday June 26th, 64 photos total.

5:00 am, we have an early flight home from Las Vegas. Who books early flights home from Vegas? My boyfriend apparently.

Obviously I’m thrilled about this, actually I got a lot more sleep then I thought I would.

Luckily we packed everything up last night so we could sleep as late as possible. Packed the morning supplies though and had to retrieve them.

Brushing the teeth!

As good at it is going to get at this hour!

5:33 outside waiting for our bus thing to pick us up… its early so I forgot to take pictures of several things such as the but that picked us up from the Paris.

Waiting in this huge line! Who knew everyone in the entire world left Vegas at this early hour!

Time check! Waiting in line still, about two hours till our flight we are good little kids following TSA guidelinees!

On the tram to our gate, security was another crazy line but right when we got in the opened up a new line and we went right to the front! Talk about score!

We have about an hour before our flight now so we decided to get some overpriced breakfast from Ruby’s.

Mmmmm French toast and hash browns!

Bathroom break! Cuz I really don’t want to go on the air plane!

Time to board the plane!

Last time check in Las Vegas, should be leaving the ground any minuet now!

I pull out book to read, the boyfriend sleeps, I can’t sleep on planes and I envy him.

First time check home side! I live in Colorado so I lost an hour going home.

We actually fly out of a little airport in my town instead of going to the big international airport in Denver. Not a small plane but they only fly to Vegas, so for little get always it is very nice ( and usually have GREAT dreals). Added bonus of not having to drive home for an hour+. We are waiting for our luggage to appear under the little blue awning.

On our way home.

I have to make a last second stop on the way home.

Need just a bit of trim to finish off our costumes!

Home now! Time check! Text from Katie she going to drop off part of my costume soon.

Dog missed me very much.

Do my last bit of sewing

Check on the internet, I’ve been gone 3 days! Who knows what could have happened while I was gone!

Katie shows up for just a minuet

To drop off my hooves that she painted for me, I made the hooves but realized I would not have enough time to finish them before the party (since the Boyfriend surprised me with the vaycay and I had not budgeted time for it) she kindly finished them for me! She rocks!

Time check! Time to start getting ready!


My ‘make up’ for this occasion

After! War paint! Arrr!

Boyfriend is working on our poster

We hang up the poster in front of my house, boyfriend manages the local theater so he gave us the banner to use, since the theme for the party was ‘Angels and demons: not the book/movie’

Hang up the bottom part of the banner inside.

Time Check! People start to show up!

Boyfriend is the angel Gabriel

Lindz is Furfur

A better shot of her costume, unfortunately it still keeps a lot hidden, yes she designed and made that all from scratch. Let me tell you that coat is AMAZING! i wish i had a picture of the back of it.

I am Morax

Heather is Uriel

Hana is Ajatarra

Tom is Davy Jones, he didn’t have any time or money to put into a ‘real’ angel or demon costume so he just came as a pirate.

Katie is a nine tailed kitsune

Then because we all worked so hard making our costumes from SCRATCH we take pictures here are some of my favorites. Lindz in her Furfur costume. I LOVE her costume. Then again Lindz has mad skills!

Me as Morax again ^.^

Furfur and Morax are going to fight!

Oh no, its ok, they are friends!

Demons group photo!

Angel group photo!.... I forget which angel Jered is suppsed to be, his was a last minuet thing seeing as he wasn’t supposed to be able to make it cuz of work then he showed up!

Pizza shows up! Yum!

Katie draws me on my happy cup!

And writes my name and tag line!

Dog has fluff on her nose! So cute!

Start to get drunk, play Apples to Apples, and watch Dogma!

According to how we play Apples to Apples the green cards you win describe you …. Sadly this is pretty true.

Kelly Shows up! Work kept her till late but we are all very happy when she shows up! She is the monkey king!

We go outside again to take more pictures in the dark, looks like Furfur and Gabby are about to get into it!

But Action!Priest saves us all (he wanted to be Action!Pope inspired by the Ewan in the movie but ran out of money, I think this works just as well!)

Many photos and fun times later the girls wind up in a cuddle line on my couch

More drinking and general talking happens… I start to acquire parts from everyone costume

By this time I’m so very tired and drunk I am surprised I remember to wash my face! But I do!

Final time check, I have gotten every one who drank lots tucked into various beds in my house. I have lost someone to a drunk driver, I will not let anyone drive drunk. Most everyone else has left already except for a few people I force to stay.

Good night! i actually fall asleep before fully getting into bed, Boyfriend takes this picture to make sure I complete my ADIML. Almost a full 24 hours!

I hope you enjoyed! Let me tell you it was killer to pick so few photos I have over 300 from that night!
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